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Thank you, Anya!  You know I was super skeptical about staging.  I thought my taste was good and my home gorgeous enough….but honestly?? If your serious about selling your home and making it pop and be its beautiful best self in person as well as in photographs, you need to stage.  And you need to bring in the best.  Selling a home is an art.  It’s a language. It’s not the old days when you could present an empty or (worse!) cluttered lived in home.  It has to be something that people can see themselves in.  They need to be taken away and to see the POSSIBILITIES…maybe not all the realities.  Reality is not always sexy.  Consider this: it’s like the airbrushing on an already attractive model.  Or the dress on the already beautiful actress.  Maybe the Spanx on the Kardashian.   You get where I am going here.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  The future purchaser of your home therefore needs to be provided the best lens. Let’s Stage It! gives perfect 20/20 sight.