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You’re preparing your home for sale and want to ensure it has model home appeal. Complete home staging could be the competitive advantage you need to maximize your home’s marketability and final sale price. This guide from Let’s Stage It provides a deeper look at what full home staging entails, how it differs from basic staging, why it has significant impact, what the process involves, and if the investment is worthwhile. Read on for insights to help you decide if complete home staging is right for your San Francisco property.


What is complete home staging?

Complete home staging refers to professionally staging an entire residence from top to bottom prior to listing. This includes all living spaces, bedrooms, outdoor areas and often garage/basements. The home stager designs an overarching concept and implements a coordinated execution of furnishings, color schemes, decluttering, cosmetic improvements and accent details throughout the house. The result is a pristine, neutral yet warm environment that highlights the home’s finest features. Every room is showcase-ready.

What is the difference between complete home staging and basic home staging?

Basic staging involves more limited improvements to prepare a home for sale. For example:

– Staging only select rooms, not the entire home
– Rearranging existing items instead of renting new furniture
– Focusing on decluttering vs. design
– Creating a clean backdrop but not fully furnishing and decorating spaces

While basic staging has some positive impact, complete staging takes it 10 steps further for maximum appeal. It requires greater investment but also yields greater returns.

Why is complete home staging important for homes?

The #1 goal of staging is helping potential buyers envision themselves living in the home. Complete staging accomplishes this through:

– Turning every room into a fully-furnished model space
– Disguising flaws and accentuating assets
– Providing a cohesive and consistent home tour experience
– Defining how spaces could be ideally utilized
– Reflecting current trends that modern buyers expect
– Capturing buyers’ emotions with warm, welcoming ambiance
– Optimizing traffic flow and spaciousness
– Letting great architectural details standout

Staged homes sell faster and for more money. Complete staging aims to maximize a home’s perceived value.

What does complete home staging typically involve?

Our certified stagers methodically transform every area:

– Consultation to assess needs and develop an overall vision
– Recommendations for deep cleaning, cosmetic repairs and improvements
– Full furnishing with attractive rental pieces and decor
– Strategic furniture arrangements tailored to each room
– Color schemes, lighting and styles aligned with the architecture
– Accent details like textiles, artwork and greenery
– Final styling touches for a polished look
– Guidance for keeping the home photo-ready during showings
– Restaging reinforcements and updates as needed

The extensive process requires time and expertise. Yet the significant impact on buyers validates the efforts.

Is complete home staging worth the investment?

Homeowners spend more to fully stage their residence. This allows stagers to implement the comprehensive improvements required to maximize appeal. The investment pays dividends:

– Homes sell in half the time
– Reduced days on market means significant savings
– Ability to list the home closer to full market value
– Increased foot traffic and offers after turnkey showing experiences
– Stronger negotiation position to secure the highest sales price

In most cases, complete staging costs pay for themselves many times over in the end sales numbers, with sales prices 4-12% higher on average. The atmosphere of a model home simply sells.

Let’s Stage It specializes in complete, full-service home staging makeovers for sellers wanting to maximize their sales outcome. To learn more about preparing your San Francisco property for sale with our comprehensive staging services, contact us today!