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Herline and her group (specifically Anya) did a fantastic job staging my home in Belmont for a 9 day sale and a great price. Both modern and traditional aspects were used and the staging highlighted the beauty of the home in terms of space, light, etc. Both my home and in-law unit were staged and outside patio furniture fire pit etc provided. It was so beautifully done that I wanted to move back in! Her movers did a clean job and did not damage the walls or leave scraps on the floor. Anya is fantastic and allowed me to add my input without being overbearing.
I highly recommend Lets Stage It to anyone who wants to sell their home at the price it deserves and maybe some more!!

It was so beautifully done that I wanted to move back in!

Punam P. – Yelp Review

[Let’s Stage It!] are very professional. Yvette helped my realtor select the paint color for the walls, and then they were off and running. In one day Let’s Stage It transformed an empty house into a beautifully staged house.

I believe that her staging increased the selling price of our home quite a bit. It looked amazing, and we received 18 offers on our home.

Jennifer L. – Yelp Review

[Let’s Stage It!] is a pleasure to work with.  She staged my home in Pacifica with impeccable attention to detail.  Her choice of furnishings, accents and art fit the style and location of the house just perfectly.  She not only attained the ‘feel’ we were after, she way exceeded any expectations we had about how much of a difference it would make.

Our first potential buyer toured the home within hours of [Let’s Stage It]’s crew finishing up, and made the offer we were hoping for that same evening. Done deal, we never made it to our first open house. Now I call that a very successfully staged property.

Lou C. – Yelp Review

Thank you, Anya!  You know I was super skeptical about staging.  I thought my taste was good and my home gorgeous enough….but honestly?? If your serious about selling your home and making it pop and be its beautiful best self in person as well as in photographs, you need to stage.  And you need to bring in the best.  Selling a home is an art.  It’s a language. It’s not the old days when you could present an empty or (worse!) cluttered lived in home.  It has to be something that people can see themselves in.  They need to be taken away and to see the POSSIBILITIES…maybe not all the realities.  Reality is not always sexy.  Consider this: it’s like the airbrushing on an already attractive model.  Or the dress on the already beautiful actress.  Maybe the Spanx on the Kardashian.   You get where I am going here.  Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  The future purchaser of your home therefore needs to be provided the best lens. Let’s Stage It! gives perfect 20/20 sight.

Darby W. – Yelp Review

I worked with [Let’s Stage It!] on a 5 bedroom, 2 bath listing in San Mateo at the $1,600,000 range and the staging was absolutely gorgeous!  High-end, thoughtful and well-coordinated staging. [Our designer] Yvette worked with me the week leading up to the staging to discuss design and color details and she was extremely helpful.  I’ve worked with many staging companies in the past and Yvette with Let’s Stage It was the very best.  Very, very happy with the finished product and all of the buyers were EXTREMELY complimentary.

David H. – Yelp Review

Our house was on the market for 2 days before receiving our first offer for over the asking price, and on the market for less than 7 days before we accepted and offer and went into contract ALL thanks to Yvette and the “Let’s Stage it” team!!!!

Once the remodel was done, we also had Yvette stage it.  I couldn’t believe my eyes…AMAZING!  The staging was done in less than a day but looked like it took days and days.  Her team was so careful getting the furniture and materials in and out.  If I could give these guys 10 stars I would.   To sum it up, we went into contract in less than 7 days and the sale price was more than we could have imagined.

Thank you Yvette for how invested you are and how much pride you take and put into your work.  We definitely look forward to a long term continued partnership with you in future projects.

On the market for less than 7 days before we accepted and offer

Morgan K. – Yelp Review