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Let's Stage It, holds the highest ranking certification given in the staging industry, Accredited Staging Professional Master (ASPM).

Herline Goutama - President


Herline Goutama was inspired to do interior home design and become independent at a young age. She & her family traveled extensively throughout the world – including Asia, Australia, Europe & the United States – providing the ideal early exposure to international aesthetics for interior design and home decor. This experience expanded her exposure to different styles and also helped her develop an expertise for sales and a realization for the necessity of home staging when selling or leasing real estate. This understanding of commerce proves invaluable when staging a house for the purpose of enhancing its marketability. She describes herself as “passionate about business and obsessed with good design & home décor. Let's Stage It, is the perfect marriage of both business and design.”

Herline earned her Bachelor's degree in business from the University of Toronto, Canada. She later earned her Master of Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania where she studied at Wharton Business School. She spent the following 20 years as a property investor in the real estate business – a fast paced and constantly evolving industry driven by trend, color and style. Herline established herself in the San Francisco Bay Area over 15 years ago. Together with her talented team of experienced home stagers, Let's Stage It will reduce market time and maximize the equity in your home or investment property!

Designer - Sabrina Steinberg

Sabina Steinberg is an experienced interior designer with international background. She came to the Bay Area in 1990 from Europe, where she received MA in Literature and Linguistics.

Upon successful completion of Interior Architecture and Design program at UC Berkeley Extension program in 2002, she worked as a designer at residential real estate development companies like Toll Brothers and Webcor Builders. Her experience in the Bay Area design community includes collaborations with well-known designers like Stephen Shubel, John Wheatman and Ann Jones.

In 2004 Sabina opened her own company Real Estate Design Management, specializing in staging and design. At Ethan Allen, Sabina's approach to home design was expansive. She enabled her clients to envision heir familiar spaces as a whole, helping them to see interior and exterior as a harmonious pieces of the same puzzle. Her selection of fabric, furniture pieces and accessories brought reach strokes to a new home look.

Throughout her career, Sabina worked closely with various professionals in architecture, construction and real estate industries, but her main focus always been a client's interests in creating comfortable and esthetically pleasing homes.

Sabrina Steinberg